The Melaka Industrial Skills Development And Entrepreneurship Centre (MISDEC) was incorporated on 10th May 1994 as a “non-profit organisation” (NGO). It was registered with the Registrar of Society.  Registration No:1307/94 (Melaka). The centre is being formed with the joint co-operation of the Federal Government Melaka State Government,Industrial Sector and various Melaka State Government Agencies and statutory Training Institutions (ILP, SMT & IKM).

The main objective of the centre is to provide facilities in technical and management training programmes in order to upgrade the competencies in skills and technological know how to local manpower resources.gencies and statutory Training Institutions (ILP, SMT & IKM).

The centre’s key responsibility is to co-ordinate supportive contribution and new technological inputs in various field of expertise, from the local industrial and services sector to updating the “industrial and services training programmes” at MISDEC.