Pusat Pembangunan Kemahiran Sarawak (PPKS) or Sarawak Skills Development Centre (SSDC) was established in June 1994 under the Societies Act 1966 with the objective of producing well-trained, skillful and competent workforce by offering training programmes which are practical and skills-based, and technical competence in all professional areas. To ensure its existence, it has embarked on smart partnership with existing training institutions and institutions of higher learning locally and abroad to jointly conduct training courses and programmes to enhance and upgrade the skills and competence of employees in the private sectors especially in the industrial field to increase productivity in their respective organisations.


PPKS is led by the industrial sector with the support of both the Federal and State governments. The State Government will provide the necessary infrastructure and annual grant (operational costs) for the Centre while the Federal Government will finance the purchase of training equipment (submission on annual basis). The industrial sector will be taking the leading role in managing and determining the direction of the centre, i.e. industrial driven through its representatives in the Management Council.